Open University in Mauritius

About Open University in Mauritius

Focusing on Accessibility, Quality, Affordability and Flexibility, the Open University of University is the first ISO-Certified Public University of Mauritius. The Open University in Mauritius promotes access to quality higher education at an affordable cost with great flexibility through open and distance learning (ODL). Established in 2014, it aims to provide opportunities for people who are unable to attend traditional brick-and-mortar universities for various reasons such as time, financial constraints, or location.  The headquarters of Open University of Mauritius is located at Réduit, Moka. Its main study centre is found in Forest-Side, Curepipe. 

The Open University of Mauritius offers undergraduate, postgraduate degrees and short courses in a blended mode. The degrees and courses at Open University of Mauritius are internationally recognised and the University even has international reputed partners. Some of these international partners are: Imperial College, London (UK), Stockholm University (Sweden), University of California, San Diego (USA), University of South Africa (South Africa). Programmes and courses available at the Open University of Mauritius are: Courses Foundation Level, Undergraduate Courses, Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree and Employability skills.

Programmes at the Open University of Mauritius

OUM offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, which are designed to provide a comprehensive education to students. The programmes are flexible and allow students to study at their own pace. Some of the programmes offered by OUM include:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  3. Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  4. Master of Education (MEd)
  5. Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  6. Master of Laws (LLM)
  7. Bachelor of Technology (BTech)
  8. Master of Technology (MTech)

Programme Requirements at the Open University of Mauritius

The course requirements for each programme vary, but students are typically required to have a secondary school certificate or its equivalent. Some programmes also require students to have relevant work experience, while others require students to pass a series of entrance exams.


OUM offers affordable education, with fees ranging from approximately Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 per year. The fees are subject to change, and students are advised to check the university’s website for the most up-to-date information.

Benefits of enrolling at the Open University of Mauritius

In addition to its affordable fees, OUM offers several benefits to students, including:

Flexibility: OUM offers flexible study options, allowing students to balance their studies with work, family, and other commitments.

Convenient Study Options: Students can study from the comfort of their own homes, with access to online materials and support.

Quality Education: OUM offers high-quality education, with programmes designed and delivered by experienced academic staff.

Accessibility: OUM provides education to students in remote areas who may not have access to traditional universities.