University of Technology in Mauritius

About the University of Technology in Mauritius

The University of Technology of Mauritius, also known as UTM, is a renowned higher education institution operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Education. Founded in 2000, UTM has quickly established itself as a leader in technology-focused education, offering a range of programmes and courses to students from around the world. The University of Technology in Mauritius was established with the main to provide higher education in the fields of Information Technology, Management, Finance, Sustainable Development and other related fields. UTM is recognised worldwide and the courses and programmes are also internationally recognised. Programmes of study at the UTM incorporate work placement as part of the learning experience to improve students’ employability skills.

Programmes on offer at the University of Technology in Mauritius

With its four schools, UTM is an excellent choice for anyone looking to pursue a higher education in the technology field. To choose a programme or course that best meets your needs and interests, you need to know about the 4 different schools and their courses on offer. 

School of Innovative Technologies and Engineering (SITE)

SITE offers a wide range of programmes at Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor levels and Postgraduate levels in the fields of Software Engineering, Computer Science, Business Information systems, Web Technologies, Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, Network technologies & Security, Graphics Design, Digital Arts, Multimedia Systems & Technologies, Actuarial Science, Digital Forensics amongst others.
The success of this particular school is due to the industry relevance of its programmes and the close tie with the ICT industry. The School of Innovative Technologies and Engineering is even planning to offer programmes such as Sensor Systems and Robotic Engineering in the future.

School of Sustainable Development and Tourism (SSDT)

SSDT is the first school in Mauritius dedicated to promoting education for sustainable development, with a focus on exploring real world solutions to environmental, economic and social challenges. The School of Sustainable Development and Tourism at the University of Technology offers multi-disciplinary courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including doctoral studies. The courses at SSDT are in diverse areas: Tourism, Climate Change, Disaster Management, Sustainability, Communication & Public Relation, Applied Social Sciences, and Counselling amongst others.

School of Health Sciences (SHS)

The School of Health Sciences (SHS) of the University of Technology Mauritius operates in the field of life sciences. Some of the undergraduate courses on offer at the SHS at the University of Technology are: BSc Environmental and Public Health, BSc Public Health Engineering (top-up), BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching (top-up), Diploma in Pharmacy Technician Studies. Postgraduate courses include MSc Mental Health and MSc Health Services Management.
These courses cater for both part-time and full-time students and also include opportunities such as coaching and personal training.

School of Business, Management and Finance (SBMF)

The School of Business Management and Finance at the University of Technology Mauritius offers a range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The programmes are in specialized areas of Management, Marketing, Law, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Procurement, Logistics and Transport. This school at the University of Technology shares good networking with local authorities such as Bank of Mauritius (BOM), Financial Services Commission (FSC) and Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) amongst others. Private sector collaboration includes with the ACCA Mauritius Branch, Institute of Chartered Accountant England and Wales, amongst others.

Benefits of attending University of Technology in Mauritius

A Focus on Technology: As a technology-focused institution, UTM is dedicated to providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the technology industry.

Access to Cutting-Edge Technology: UTM has access to some of the most advanced technology and research facilities in the region, giving students the opportunity to work with the latest tools and technologies.

A Strong Faculty: UTM is home to a talented and experienced faculty, many of whom have extensive industry experience and a passion for teaching.

A Diverse Student Community: UTM attracts students from all over the world, making it an ideal place to make new friends and broaden your horizons.

A Safe and Secure Campus: UTM is located in a safe and secure area, with a strong campus security system and a supportive community.

Global Recognition: UTM is recognised around the world, and its degrees and programmes are recognised by leading universities and employers globally.

University of Technology Mauritius for international students

International students have the opportunity of working part time for a maximum of 20 hours per week without having to apply for a permit. They should be registered with a tertiary education institution in Mauritius for at least one academic year and hold a valid student visa granted by the Passport and Immigration Office. Foreign students should have completed at least an undergraduate degree in a tertiary education institution in Mauritius to be eligible for a maximum 3-year Occupation Permit, depending on the duration of the contract of employment. Both English and French is widely spoken in Mauritius, making it easy for foreign students to blend in.