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Residence Permit Mauritius: Exploring Mauritius Residency Requirements

Residence Permit Mauritius

A Residence Permit Mauritius is a written authorisation that grants non-citizens, other than prohibited non-citizens, the opportunity to enter and live in Mauritius.

Residence Permit Mauritius through Investment: Mauritius Residency Requirements

A simple and accessible means of obtaining Mauritius residency is through investment in real estate. By committing a minimum of USD 375,000 to a property within approved schemes, such as the Property Development Scheme, individuals can easily fulfill the Mauritius residency requirements. Notably, this permit allows holders to work in Mauritius without obtaining a separate occupation permit. Prospective expatriates are advised to familiarise themselves with Mauritius, seek guidance from local experts, and carefully select their desired location on the island before making a property investment. More on real estate investment in Mauritius here.

Retire in Mauritius: Mauritius Residence Permit Requirements

Mauritius warmly welcomes retirees with a straightforward path to residency. Non-citizens aged 50 or above can retire in Mauritius without the need for substantial financial investments. To fulfill the Mauritius residency requirements, retirees should refrain from seeking employment within the country. Instead, they must transfer a minimum average of USD 1,500 per month throughout their stay. As Mauritius endeavors to become an ideal retirement destination, the island offers specialized medical facilities and senior living accommodations. Expats of retirement age can relish in activities like scuba diving, golfing, and leisurely walks along the pristine beaches. More on retirement in Mauritius here.

Permanent Residence Mauritius: Mauritius Residency Requirements

For individuals seeking a more permanent residence in Mauritius, the Permanent Residence Permit offers a 20-year residency solution. There are three avenues to acquire this permit and fulfill the Mauritius residency requirements: purchasing a property in Mauritius, meeting specific criteria while holding an existing permit, or investing in government-approved businesses. Owning a property in Mauritius allows individuals and their families to enjoy Mauritius residency for as long as they retain ownership. Moreover, meeting the requirements of an existing permit, such as the occupation permit, can pave the way for acquiring the Permanent Residence Permit Mauritius. Lastly, strategic investments in identified business sectors contribute to eligibility for this long-term Mauritius residency permit.

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