Permanent residence Mauritius

Permanent Residence Permit Mauritius

The Permanent Residence Permit Mauritius is a viable solution for expatriates seeking long-term residency in Mauritius. This 20-year residence permit enables foreigners and their families to live in Mauritius, provided they meet the necessary criteria. Additionally, holders of an Occupation Permit who apply for the Permanent Residence Permit in Mauritius gain the right to live and work in the country for two decades. Click here to learn about all the different permits in Mauritius. 

Investor Category: Mauritius Permanent Residence Permit Requirements

Under the Investor Category, individuals must demonstrate that their company has achieved a minimum gross annual income of MUR 15 million for the preceding three years. Alternatively, if the company has generated a total sales value of MUR 45 million during the same period, the criteria for the permanent residence Mauritius program can be met. For investors, it is essential to have held an occupation permit for three years before applying.

Professional Category: Mauritius Permanent Residence Permit Requirements

Professionals who have been granted an occupation permit and have received a monthly salary of at least MUR 150,000 for three consecutive years prior to their application may also qualify for the Permanent Residence Permit in Mauritius. This category acknowledges the valuable contribution of skilled professionals to Mauritius’ economy, providing them with an opportunity for long-term residency.

Self-Employed Category: Mauritius Permanent Residence Permit Requirements

Self-employed individuals can secure permanent residence in Mauritius by meeting specific criteria. To become a permanent resident in Mauritius, applicants must hold an occupation permit and generate an annual business income of at least MUR 3 million for three consecutive years prior to the application.

Retired Category: Mauritius Permanent Residence Requirements

Retired individuals who have held a residence permit and have transferred at least USD 54,000 or an equivalent amount in easily exchangeable foreign currency during the three years preceding their application can also apply for the Permanent Residence Permit in Mauritius. For more information on retiring in Mauritius, please refer to the provided link.

Mauritius Permanent Residence Permit Through Investment in Mauritius

Foreigners can obtain permanent residence Mauritius by purchasing a property valued at a minimum of USD 375,000 in approved schemes. Additionally, investors who make a minimum investment of USD 375,000 in activities related to various sectors such as agriculture, audio-visual, banking, education, green energy, and tourism can also benefit from the permanent residence Mauritius. This investment entitles the foreigner and their family to permanent residence Mauritius as long as they maintain ownership of the property.

It’s important to note that this type of Permanent Residence Mauritius is not restricted to a duration of 20 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Permanent Residence Permit Mauritius?

The Permanent Residence Permit Mauritius is a 20-year residency permit that allows foreigners to establish long-term residency in the country.

2. How can I get permanent residency in Mauritius?

There are three ways to get permanent residency in Mauritius. Firstly, by buying a property in Mauritius, you and your family can obtain permanent residence as long as you own the property. Secondly, fulfilling the criteria of an existing permit can lead to the acquisition of a permanent residence permit Mauritius valid for 20 years. Lastly, investing in specific businesses identified by the Government of Mauritius can also result in a permanent residence permit Mauritius.

3. Can I live permanently in Mauritius?

After three years on an occupation permit, individuals can apply for a 20-year Mauritius Permanent Residence Permit. Similarly, retired permit holders can become permanent residents by having held a residence permit and transferring a minimum of USD 54,000 within the three years prior to their application.